about michael:

i’m a visual storyteller in los angeles.  i’ve been shooting photos since i was 10.  for the past 5 years, i’ve been developing and producing short form online content, either as director/producer or as editor but always driving the final product.  

i was born and raised in vienna, austria and got an MFA in broadcast cinema from world-renowned art center college of design in pasadena.  i played the harp at 16 (officially, at the conservatory), modeled (and waited on tables) in new york city and shot a bit of fashion in milan in my 20s.  in my 30s i even drove a cab for 6 months.  i traveled at least some of the world and often find refuge in silence and nature (and occasionally monasteries) but also in true and authentic connections.  i now live in los angeles.  in late january 2016 my daughter satya (the sanskrit word for truth) was born into this world.  she’s the most precious thing i’ve ever laid eyes on.  

i've recently joined forces with michele gough, who helps businesses discover their purpose, articulate their story and develop engagement strategies.   together we are known for visually striking and emotionally engaging brand films, whether they are commercials, promos, corporate idents, animated shorts or internet ads.  

about michele:

born and raised in england, michele is a published author and fashion journalist, an entrepreneur who founded several start-ups, and a business leader who, as head of consumer marketing helped grow smashbox cosmetics into a half billion-dollar enterprise securing a successful acquisition by estee lauder companies in 2010.

several years spent at a 100-acre horse sanctuary in northern california opened michele's eyes to the interconnectedness of all things.  she realized that if business operated under the same holistic principles as nature, our planet and everyone on it would thrive.  leveraging this insight, michele founded heart&soul branding in 2012 and has since helped businesses discover their purpose, position their brand around it, articulate their story and develop engagement strategies that drive growth.


let us know how we can help you translate your idea into visual form.